What’s the 2-1-1?

LRS team supports Glendale Mission & Ministry Center
March 28, 2019
So-California Team supports S.P.Y
March 28, 2019

15 RentPath employees got a behind-the-scenes look at United Way’s 2-1-1 contact center, witnessing first hand the services that help families recover and become sustainable once again.

Volunteer Testimonial:

"I didn't realize all the services the United Way provides. It was a very interesting and informative afternoon. I hope to be able to work with them again!"

Sallie Spain I Content Operations Group

"It was a great experience meeting the 211 contact center team, and being able to see how they contribute greatly to the community. Anyone could fall victim to the situations that require their assistance. I commend them for being such a valued asset and source of assistance to people who truly are in need."

Yudelka Salcedo | Billing & Collections II

"It was a fantastic experience!
We deal with crisis management periodically. These folks deal with crisis management minute by minute. One call after the other--Bravo to the 2-1-1 UWGA Contact Center here in Atlanta!! I look forward to the next event. "

Cornell Ford | Digital Sales Executive