What the HACK? Second annual RPGB Housing Hackathon

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunity:
May 23, 2019
Food Insecurity Awareness Week Events (June 10-14)
June 12, 2019

In a single day, four teams--focused on solving a specific challenge for four Atlanta-based nonprofits who work to prevent and/or end homelessness--conducted research, consulted with the nonprofit’s representatives, brainstormed ideas, chose their top solution(s) and developed a presentation. Competition was fierce and these brainiacs worked together to find viable solutions to help these nonprofits do what they do best: ensure that homelessness is rare, brief and nonrecurring in our communities.


Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading and Serving (YELLS)

Team Members: Anish Patel, Luke Fender, Charity Shi, Dominique Ali
We know that dedicated and committed corporate partners and sponsors are a necessity to the success of our organization. How do we cultivate corporations and turn them into donors and dedicated partners while also considering limited staffing?

Atlanta Legal Aid

Team Members: Cole Nave, Ashley Jones and Richard Snipe
Sometimes after legal avenues are exhausted, an immediate, short-term expense jeopardizes the long-term stability of a veteran client (for example, a payment to avoid eviction). How can we develop a way to use our advocate and donor base to meet our veteran clients’ immediate financial needs? Or put another way: what technology solution will allow us to notify our advocates of an immediate need that they can help meet?

Atlanta Legal Aid

Team member: Patricia Pichardo, Veronica Lightburn, Britney Smith and Quantrell Sanford
SPARC does a great job providing quality services and innovative solutions to the unique challenges facing single parents. What SPARC lacks is impactful storytelling. We are looking for assistance with the creation of a social media campaign that will help us tell dynamic stories, gain volunteers and donors, and showcase the amazing progress each of our single parents makes.

Sound Landing

Team members: Kathryn Parker, Elizabeth Bertasi, Aimee Kennedy and Jasmine Tookes
We have started an emergency savings match program for veterans. Despite a high level of interest from the veterans at workshops, the assistance of financial coaching, and the promise of our savings match incentive, we still find that many of our Veteran clients are struggling with changing old and potentially harmful spending habits. How do we change the relationship and behaviors around finances in a way that empowers and creates life-long habits?


Tracy Hamilton, Director, Tax
Nishant Phadnis, General Manager, Rentals
Ben Walkuski, Manager of Donor Engagement, United Way of Greater Atlanta

And the Awards go to

Grand Prize Winner: THE SPARC TEAM: Patricia Pichardo, Veronica Lightburn, Britney Smith, and Quantrell Sanford

Most creative - Luke Fender
Mr. Congeniality - Cole Nave
Most energy and passion - Patricia Pichardo
Headed straight to Shark Tank - Richard Snipe
Superscribe - Britney Smith
Most Likely to be a CEO - Elizabeth Bertasi