United Way: Vets Celebrating Success 10/28/16

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Two formerly homeless Veterans joined the the Rent​Path family ​on Friday, October 28th ​for a ​"​Celebrating Success Event​,​​"​ sponsored by the United Way. ​​The event​ ​​consisted of a brief ​background ​on ​the ​United Way​'​s homelessness department​,​​ which​ includ​es​ their ​"​Vets Connect​"​ program​. This program is specifically ​dedicated to end Veteran Homelessness in Atlanta. RentPath participants ​separated into groups to listen to the​ the individual Vets'​ success stories​. After that, we ​came ​​back together as a large group ​to dispel the myths based on the information ​we had just learned.

"My heart smiled while I listened to Barry Davis! Listening to his story was such an inspiration. His grateful heart and his ability to persevere made me so glad I went to this event. I loved when he said that no matter what he was going through he knew he would get through it because of his faith. It made me think of something I read awhile back that said... 'Look at you!! You've survived 100% of the storms you've been through!'"

Linette N. Pabòn
Concierge Supervisor

"It was really eye opening and gave me a whole new sense of gratitude."

Account Executive
Inside Sales

"The Celebrating Success Event was very touching. I was very moved by what the speakers shared and their personal life journeys. It helped me to understand that it's not about what you have or where you are in life; it is about the journey that gets you there. To be able to appreciate the moment and regardless of the situation, you have to keep pushing on. Thank you for organizing this event!"

Kelly Sheikh
RentPath Concierge

"I just wanted to thank the Vets for coming out and speaking with us. This impacted me heavily and surprisingly made me extremely emotional. The way the two men spoke of their past, with so much passion for continuing to succeed, inspired me to always push harder no matter what. I now look at homelessness as a huge problem in our society. It's not something that just instantly happens, it slowly progresses. Someone can go from traveling the world to sleeping in the park. It's 2016 and it's time to stand up to homelessness!" As Barry Davis quoted, "If you have hope, it can mean endlessness."

Jasmine Payne
RentPath Concierge