Veteran Job Readiness Event

Arizona Sales Team supports UMOM
March 4, 2019
LRS team supports Glendale Mission & Ministry Center
March 28, 2019

10 Volunteers participated in a job readiness event with Mission United, providing support to homeless veterans seeking their next employment opportunity. Employee coaches helped participants develop and polish resumes, practice interviewing, navigate Google basics and get a professional

Volunteer Testimonial:

"I had the opportunity to conduct a mock interview with Ron. He was very professional, had naturally high energy about himself and I could tell he was eager to work!"

Fred Peek/Billing II

"The best part of working with the veterans was bringing confidence back into their job search. My vet was very qualified! He just needed someone to believe in him and tell him that he could do whatever he puts his mind to."

Natasha Nanda l Digital Marketing Analyst

"I will always sign up for veteran assistance when we do it. I feel it's a patriotic duty. The woman I helped already had a great experience but didn't have as many numbers in her summaries. We discovered through conversation that she helped manage a $25MM project and managed over 15 people, so calling out those key responsibilities was helpful in catching attention for her resume.

I explained that recruiters really only care about numbers. How much money did you generate, how much money did you save, how many man hours did you save, or how many people did you manage, etc. She did a lot of all of these so rewording her LinkedIn and resume should help it stand out more.

I added her on LinkedIn and told her to reach out if she had any questions. She has kids and definitely has the drive to succeed so I wish her the best in her endeavors."

Michael Hart I Consumer Marketing