Veteran Empowerment Organization (VEO) – Lunch and Spirit Day 12/16/16

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I had the greatest honor to go to a Rentpath company outing to the VEO. A veterans organization that is privately funded with no government assistance. We served them pizza, played bingo and some of the guys and gals played basketball. It was a humbling experience and meeting some of these men was just heartwarming. They kept thanking us but in reality, I think we were blessed. This means a lot to me because many in my family are Veterans, not all came back and the ones that have, come back changed.

The man who created this haven, Mr Fortune, was a man from another country, a legal immigrant who came here and did very well. He wanted to give back and he said, these men protected you over there, so you could live here in safety. Coming from another country, he said that not everyone is used to peace and security like we do here. It's something that I think a lot of us in America take for granted.

He said to come by anytime, bring friends. These men just want to talk to people. Thank you Rentpath for providing a great opportunity to meet these brave people who served our great nation.

Theresa Parker | Advertising Operations Agent

Meeting the veterans and hearing first hand of their experience of how the VEO changed their lives for the better is such an eye opening experience for me to see how the actions of even one man can change the lives of so many. Frantz Fortune is such an inspiring man, it was a pleasure to meet him and hear his story of tirelessly pushing for more for these deserving veterans.

JoAnne Walker | Graphic Artist -Legit Studios

This experience was amazing! It was different than any other Give Back opportunity I have had before. To see this gentleman, I forgot his name, Come into the community and help the way he has was wonderful. To give back to the many men and women who have served us and our country was so great. All the people I met there seemed to be in good spirits and happy. To me, that is what it is about. Thank you Rabia for giving us this opportunity.

Kelly Sheikh | AG Concierge