Street to Home 10/21/16

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Two RentPath employees, Keisa McGree and Rabia Jalil, joined the United Way on 10/21, along with about 25 volunteers (various corporate groups and individuals in the community) to hit the streets of downtown Atlanta at 5 am. Efforts resulted in helping eight men and one woman directly off the streets of Atlanta onto a bus that took them directly into a shared apartment (not a shelter).

The United Way Street to Home program boasts a 75% success rate of getting homeless individuals directly off the street into transitional apartments where they will receive immediate care (food, shelter, shower) and long term assistance (social worker and individual action plan) in an effort to help prevent future episodes of homelessness.

"If you've ever walked or driven through downtown Atlanta, you've probably seen homeless individuals bundled up and sleeping on cardboard boxes -- seemingly invisible to most. You may have even opened your wallet and given a dollar -- while wondering how they became homeless in the first place. Street to Home has given me a totally different perspective because I was face-to-face with the same people I had ignored at times, just too busy to stop. This unique experience gave me the courage to wake a gentleman up, tell him my name, and let him know he can get off the street right now. I was elated when he agreed. His name is John and I quickly knelt down on the ground to assist him in packing his things. This experience has opened my eyes and lit a fire under me to serve in any way I can to END homelessness. Thanks to RentPath, we can ALL get involved in any capacity we feel comfortable to help us stop managing homelessness, but to END IT!!!"

Rabia Jalil

"The Street to Home Outreach program was once again quite eye-opening. We were able to house 8 men and 1 woman, and the Outreach bus was filled in less than 10 minutes. I was pleased that we were able to help house those in need, and quite proud that RentPath has elected ENDING homelessness as our mission."

Keisa McGrew
Quality Assurance Analyst