Shoe Box / Toiletries Drive

Easy Media Spring Clothing Drive
June 28, 2018
Childhood Food Solutions
June 29, 2018
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30 RentPath volunteers delivered four, four-foot boxes filled with toiletries gathered during the RPGB Toiletries drive.

Collectively, our volunteers sorted and packed nearly 650 boxes and assisted in the distribution of 1,600 boxes to agencies picking up from the warehouse. Overall, The 2018 Shoebox initiative collected nearly 30,000 shoeboxes valued at over $500,000 benefiting 130 nonprofit organizations.

I will share my testimony with RentPath and why I choose to volunteer and will do it as many times as I can. Before I was blessed with this amazing opportunity, I myself was homeless. I have a wife and two small children. I moved to Atlanta to take a job, only to be let go 6 months later. A couple of months after that, my wife lost her job. A couple of months after that, we lost our apartment. We bounced around and stayed in hotels. Once I was given the opportunity to work here, I was able to turn my family's situation around. We now have a great house and our own space. But I remember trying to get ready for interviews, not having the essentials that I needed as well as my kids getting ready for school every day. Everything was a struggle when you are constantly trying to make something out of nothing. I went through each box with a smile knowing that the person on the other end would have the same smile I had on my face. The littlest things make the biggest difference and there is nothing like going through the day with a clean face, washed hair, and a real smile. That box indicates hope and that there are other people that really do care about you. Sometimes, hope is all you need. Now that I am in the position to give back, I will as many times as I can. It touches my heart deeply and is very personal to me and my family.
Thank you for the opportunity to give back!

Ashley Newman | RentPath Concierge

The Team participated with non-RentPath volunteers on May 3, 2018 to help pack more than 1,200 shoe boxes for the annual United Way Shoebox Project. Their hard work and dedication will truly benefit those impacted by homelessness.

Participants: Rachel Harris, Candace Smith, Jonathan Pierce, Jiayu Korphosy, Patricia Stewart, Sherri Joyce, Nishant Phadnis, Taylor Huggins

By the numbers

  • Number of shoeboxes prepared : 411
  • Those 411 shoeboxes were packaged in 12 large boxes.
  • Those 411 shoeboxes will benefit:
    • 138 Children
    • 146 Women
    • 127 Men