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In late July, I had an opportunity to connect with two leaders of the Atlanta Regional Commission on Homelessness - Jack Hardin, Co-Chairman and Protip Biswas, Executive Director. I asked them to come into our Atlanta office and present to the executive team and the RentPath Gives Back (RPGB) subcommittee. What we learned was inspiring. Through their efforts, along with private and public partnerships, the city of Atlanta has reduced the count of unsheltered individuals by 60% since 2011 (whereas other major cities are experiencing double digit increases). When asked how Atlanta is achieving such success, we came to learn that the best way to cure homelessness is to end it, not treat it. What does that mean? It means creating a path to permanent affordable housing for everyone and supportive services for those with mental or physical disabilities. A housing first approach, along with intensive case management, is a critical first step in that path.

With the added education and inspiration, the RPGB subcommittee began to explore initial events to kick start our initiative. On August 16th, members of the Executive Team along with the subcommittee volunteered at the Nicholas House, an organization that provides temporary housing to families in need. I found my time volunteering to be extremely rewarding. It provided me an opportunity to have a direct impact to creating the path toward sustainable housing for families affected by homelessness. In addition, it gave me an opportunity to share that experience with my cross functional colleagues. A win-win in my book. I strongly encourage you take advantage of your three paid volunteer days by gathering your teams and creating events that have meaningful impact to ending homelessness within your communities. If you have an idea for a event you want to lead, please email and we will help coordinate.

In addition to attending the Nicholas House event, I had the opportunity to meet with Aaron Goldman, founding member of Atlanta Real Estate Collaborative (AREC), a group of multifamily real estate leaders who seek to address the housing needs of homeless individuals. My introduction to Aaron led me to learn about a great organization called Open Doors Atlanta, a program that lowers barriers and increases access to affordable housing by connecting multifamily property owners with carefully-screened tenants. I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of action already in place toward this social cause within the multifamily industry. We have already been asked to provide some technology resources to help on web design and database management.

Operating organizations like the Nicholas House, AREC and Open Doors is no small feat and as you can imagine, are time and capital intensive. As I soon learned, fundraising is critical to keeping these types of organizations running. As mentioned a few months ago, my hope is that we can raise at least $100k by the end of the year. I am delighted to announce the Executive Team and I will be contributing $27K to kick start this campaign. I ask that you do your part and join the leadership by donating to this important social cause.

I hope you enjoy our first edition of our new Rentpath Gives Back microsite. Included you will find additional details on the events I mentioned above, a calendar of future events coming up, instructions on how to create your own volunteer projects as well as a way to give back through monetary donations.

As always thank you for your participation.



Help raise money for homelessness!

Help raise money for homelessness! We’ve developed a simple process for you to donate toward the “RentPath gives back” campaign to improve homelessness in the communities where we live and work. Imagine the powerful impact we can make when we come together as a Company and individuals. Our combined support will make a real, lasting impact in the lives of those who are in need, and we are currently evaluating what organizations we can benefit the most. Thank you for your help to build a culture of giving back at RentPath.

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Looking to volunteer and get more involved? We have a few events scheduled and are looking for volunteers from a variety of functions to participate! To sign up for an upcoming event in September or October, please respond via this survey link. While each event has a limit to the number of volunteers, please know that many additional opportunities are under review and will be announced soon. Also, be on the lookout for more details on how you can nominate a charity and lead your own event to support homelessness!

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