The Packaged Good/Mary Hall Freedom House 9/20/16

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Empowering Women Who Have Turned Tragedy into a Lasting Legacy

What a inspirational day! Starting off at The Packaged Good with our team from various departments coming together for a day of doing good :) It started with introductions and everyone giving an interesting fact about themselves which was awesome… We learned a lot about each other in a short period of time...a son that plays Div. 1 football, a princess from India, and a graphic artist turned software developer!

Next we heard from Sally Mundell who started The Packaged Good and she shared her story about losing her husband to a terminal illness which inspired her to create a non-profit to have families create care packages for various charities, such as the homeless, was an inspirational start to the day. Seeing everyone creating their care packages to fill with supplies was see the creativity from the team and we now know that we have some amazing artists in the group! Being able to create almost 100 care packages to bring to the Mary Hall Freedom House was amazing…

Our next stop was the Mary Hall Freedom House which is a non-profit whose mission is to empower women to break the cycle of addictions, poverty and homelessness for themselves and for their children. In 1998 they started to provide housing to homeless women and their children.

We were introduced to Rebecca… A vibrant, professional business woman who was the head of their business development. Rebecca gave us a brief overview of Mary Hall Freedom House and talked about how they have helped thousands of women over the years go from homelessness to employed to thriving in today’s society. You could tell how passionate she was about what they were doing in order to help women and children in the Atlanta area.

As she talked about her background...going to UGA, working at Deloitte, being a partner at KPMG, being a mom with kids living in the American dream. She shared her life story with us…growing up in a home with domestic violence and surviving 9/11...and that she struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that put her in a downward spiral in that she lost her job, lost her kids and eventually hit rock bottom and was homeless. I know our entire team was inspired by her story….the fact that she fell from grace and was able to go to the Mary Hall Freedom house to get help. Both from a psychological standpoint and have a place to call home during her transition. Now the fact that she is heading up the business development for the Mary Hall Freedom House and thriving was an inspiration to all…

In my eight years at RentPath, this was definitely a day I will remember for a long time… The fact that a diverse team from RentPath can share this experience and be inspired by those who have struggled and have beaten the odds to survive and thrive...and those who have used a tragedy in their lives to now do good for others in need puts everything in perspective and makes you appreciate what you have…

A special thanks to Marc, Kelly, Nishant and the RentPath Culture Committee for creating the RentPath Gives Back initiative to make it possible for our team to do good for others, be inspired by others and fulfill our mission of finding everyone a place they can call home.

Kate Silva
B2B Marketing

So be sure to catch the team in action in this video and view all the photos capturing their day’s activities.