Off Site Event – Habitat for Humanity 11/16/16

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Atlanta Habitat for Humanity partners with working families, sponsors, and communities to build affordable, green, quality homes and to provide support services that promote successful home purchase and ownership. Atlanta Habitat is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and to making adequate, affordable housing a matter of conscience and action. Atlanta Habitat is now one of the largest affordable single-family housing developers in the city, and is one of the largest of 1,500 affiliates of Habitat for Humanity in the United States.

RentPath volunteered with Atlanta Habitat for Humanity on Wednesday, November 16th during Homelessness Awareness Week. We provided 12 dedicated volunteers to assist with the extra build day. Our primary job was laying sod and finishing landscaping, but we ended up doing so much more. Additional activities consisted of:

  • Touching up interior and exterior painting
  • Installing doorknobs and locks
  • Cleaning the house interior
  • Installing baseboards
  • Finishing siding and caulking
  • Cleaning and dusting cabinets, countertops and flooring
  • Raking and clearing the lot
  • Landscaping

Towards the end of the event, we received the best gift by meeting the future homeowner!

I decided to select Habitat for Humanity because I know how much a home means to someone, and how much it means to have your loved ones secure at night with a roof over your head. Most of all, I believe everyone deserves a chance to have a little help to get on their feet to having the things they've dreamed of. I had the opportunity to lay down sod (on my hands and knees) and I actually enjoyed it. It's been a LONG time since I have been able to get down and dirty living in the city and residing in apartments. From touching up paint to helping clean, I enjoyed the experience of not only meeting new colleagues but also the homeowner herself. Seeing how thankful she was for the hard work we all volunteered to do made everything worth it.

Molly McEaddy | RentPath Concierge

My experience was and has always been a humbling one. I have worked with Habitat for Humanity in the past while living in Tampa, FL. We did a similar project there building a home for a special someone. Time is my most valuable asset, therefore if I can share my time to be a part of changing someone's life, I'm all in. Seeing the smile and true appreciation from the new homeowner was priceless and totally worth it to me. Although I'm not the professional painter she thought I was, I shared with her that I was painting and caring for her new home as if it were my very own. She couldn't thank me enough, so for moments like that...I'll always be ready for the next opportunity to give back!! So happy to have been a part of it! #RPGB

Robert Gulley | Account Executive - Inside Sales AG

We recently had the wonderful opportunity to assist Habitat for Humanity in building a single-family home in the SW Atlanta community. The initiative really brought joy to my heart due to the fact that I actually reside within one mile of the home that we assisted in building. This made the experience even more heartfelt for me. Being able to say that I physically assisted in building a home in the community in which I reside, is such an incredible feeling that words cannot clearly express. The icing on the cake is when Ms. Thompson (homeowner) actually showed up and we were able to put a face to the project! Her appreciation and multiple "Thank You's" made the whole experience surreal.

I also have to SHOUT OUT Britney Smith! She did an absolutely exceptional job in leading and coordinating this event. Thank you Britney for your time, patience, planning and hard work. Additionally, the remarkable group that I worked with, Betty, Ben, Dallon, Molly, Fred, Annie, Andrei, Natasha, Robert and Alexis were absolutely AMAZING! Everyone was so very polite, helpful and committed to completing the tasks at hand. I feel as tho I have gotten the opportunity to interact with various individuals/departments within RentPath that I otherwise would not have prior to this event. Initiatives like this is what makes RentPath a wonderful place to work and I look forward to other events in the future.

Mikala Johnson | Invoicing Support Specialist

My favorite moment was watching the glow on Ms.Thompson’s (homeowner) face when she came to visit the site. It made the help I put in well worth it. I'm not the most well-off person in the world, but I do understand that there is less-fortunatepeople that just may need a little assistance to get back on track. In that sense, I'm honored to sacrifice my extra time, muscle, and little funds that I have to give back.

Fred Peek | Operations Support Specialist, Collections II

What can I say, this was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

I worked with Habitat for Humanity in the past as member in College and the 4H Club in high school. This lead me to jump for the opportunity to work with this great organization again! It is truly an honor to give back and to see the impact of your work.

What made this time better was our AMAZING TEAM! It is always a pleasure to work with everyone here at RentPath, but it was a privileged to have worked with my RentPath family off site giving back!

Our team went over and beyond with our service to give back and care for our fellow teammates. We displayed skills we didn't even know we had! The transformation of the home was mind blowing. Meeting the new homeowner was the icing on the cake! Her face lit up with joy and thanks when she saw her new home was receiving the wonderful RentPath touch!

The Atlanta Habitat for Humanity was so impressed with our dedication and hard work that we were asked to comeback!

I thank RentPath for the opportunity to give back with the Atlanta Habitat for Humanity and look forward to doing this again!

#Rentpathgivesback # HomelessnessAwarnessweek #Teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Britney Smith, Fulfillment Support Specialist
Event Team Captain

Ready is a complete understatement!

I decided to give back with Habitat because I previously volunteered with them back in college. As my schedule got busier, the less time I had to volunteer. It's always a humbling experience, knowing that we are helping provide a better future for a small family. Seeing the future homeowner's face when she saw we were volunteering out of our work day to touch up parts of her house was gratifying. How we were contributing was worth the paint stains and cold weather.

I was the caulking queen. If I could seriously put "Professional Caulker" on my LinkedIn profile, I probably would. I ended up getting paint in my hair and it stayed for a couple days. I think my favorite part was being followed by all garden wasps while we were eating, NOT. The ability to spend time with my peers outside of the office and giving back to the community is something I'll cherish during my time at RentPath.

Annie Poole | Recruiting Coordinator