Off Site Event – Game Day at Veteran Empowerment Organization 11/18/16

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Founded in 2008, The Veteran Empowerment Organization(VEO) is nationally recognized as one of the leaders in the fight against homelessness among veterans and ending chronic homeless in Georgia. Their vision is to end veteran homelessness and return the dignity of self sufficiency to every veteran they serve.

Twenty-five Rentpath employees came together in a cross-functional event to celebrate our Vets with an exciting Game Day on the VEO Campus. We were greeted by Cassandra Clark, Development Associate, and taken on a tour of the campus. After which, we all came together to introduce ourselves and learn why each one of us decided to support the VEO. It was amazing to learn how many veterans, and even a parent of our active duty military, work with us everyday and are a part of the RentPath family. This is what made this event so amazing- Being of service with those who have sacrificed themselves. They all received a deserving round of applause.

Shortly thereafter, a game of basketball was in full swing and lets just say - those Vets gave our guys a run for their money! We laughed and hosted more games, prizes, sweets, and treats for Veterans. The founder of VEO, Frantz Fortune, greeted us and gave us more insight into the mission of VEO and what motivated him to start the organization. The wraparound services they provide for our Vets is nothing short of inspiring. As long as you are a Vet, you are welcomed in the facility!

We ended our day by delivering 100 Military Care Packages & Letters of Appreciation to the Veterans. A special thanks to the entire RentPath family for your commitment to giving back. This was such an amazing week and it's just the beginning! Watching our RentPath family in action reminded me of a quote, “Everybody can be Great because Everybody can Serve!” #rentpathgivesback

Rabia Jalil- Concierge / CSR Sub Committee Co-Chair
Event Team Captain

Going on the Rentpath Gives Back VEO trip was an amazing experience for me. I have always dreamed of opening up my own homelessness shelter so hearing the CEO speak on how he got started just makes me want to fight harder for a long term goal of mine. I enjoyed myself and Sam, a transitioning Veteran, kicked my tail in checkers! I must have a rematch (lol). Overall, I can't wait to give back again.

Sherri Joyce | Digital Telesales Representative

This was a great event and it showed me that the homeless rate is increasing each year and holds a big part of my heart. I see the same people under the bridges coming to work and I try to help as much as I can, seeing that most are veterans. It really filled my heart to participate in the activities we did because the smiles on their faces made my day.

Jamon Hawkins | RentPath Concierge

Participating in the Veterans Empowerment Organization (VEO) event gave me a newfound respect for the sacrifices made by those in the military and the people who step in to meet the needs of displaced veterans. It was an honor to partner together and enjoy an afternoon o games and laughs and I look forward to other opportunities to give back to my community in the future.

Akeela Logan | Sales Operation Specialist