Nicholas House 9/29/16

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Feeding the Families of Nicholas House

Witnessing our RentPath family come together from various cross functional departments to be of service to the families of Nicholas House made the day so gratifying!

As we entered the facility, we were greeted by Norma Nyhoff, Volunteer and Marketing Director. She shared the history and mission of Nicholas House with the team and allowed us to prepare for dinner service- The team immediately went into action!

Carissa, Elecia and Michael immediately began preparing the tables restaurant style- we decided to serve the families seated and Joanna was ready to take the first order. They asked for a good ol' fashioned fish fry and that is what we gladly served. Alfred and Stephanie ran the back end of the kitchen like true chefs and Nakisha, Marlin, Keisa, Betty, and I delivered plates to the families as they sat. Shortly thereafter, everyone was out on the floor, refilling plates and serving drinks. We then sat with the families and enjoyed dinner!

It was a wonderful hour of eating, sharing, and caring.

We met an 8 year old boy named Aaron, who immediately decided he would adopt a few of us and made us his honorary Aunties. He wants to be a singer and did not hesitate to sing, albeit shyly! His mother Ivy has four children and will soon be transitioning to permanent housing. His sister Kendall was just as vibrant!

We noticed that out of the 30 people we fed, 22 of them were children with ages ranging from 1 to 16.

When the dinner ended, we were all inspired by the families we served.

As a team, we accomplished an impact of 48 hours of service!

I will never forget 25 years ago when I first walked through the doors of Nicholas House seeking help with my mother, who had a Masters Degree but unfortunately was out of work. 25 years later I returned to the familiar smells, and the cracking noises of the floors and walls. It was just as though I was that 11 year old girl again.

This time, we were able to give back, to return the favor of kindness my family had been shown during our own time of need. This time, I brought an army with me, via Rentpath. With the generosity of the RentPath Gives Back initiative, we were able to return the blessings, honor my hard working mother, and reinforce hope for others who are in a similar place I was once in.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude to return there as a living letter of recommendation, definitive proof that Nicholas House works and can make a difference.

Throughout the day, I looked over to see familiar faces with sweaty brows, bodies bending to serve dinner to the beautiful faces before us. I could not forget the feeling in my core, one of coming full circle in life, a powerful feeling of promise and hope.

As we departed, Aaron wrapped his arms around my waist and looked up at me with the most beautiful brown eyes. "When are you coming back?" he asked... It gave me great pleasure to honestly tell him, "next week!"

A special thanks to Marc and the RentPath Culture and Sub-Committees for creating and working hard to fulfill the promises of the RentPath Gives Back Initiative, making it possible for the RentPath Family to do good for others.

Our team consisted of: Elecia Pearson, Marlin Glenn, Keisa McGrew, Alfred John, Nakisha Harrison, Carissa Bernard, Michael Major, JoAnna Hoyos, Stephanie Rideaux, Betty Jasper, Ben Tederstrom and Rabia Jalil

Rabia Jalil
RentPath Concerige

Be sure to view all the photos captured their day’s activities.