Minnie’s Food Pantry Dallas

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The Dallas RentPath market served 94 families totaling 238 people. They also sorted 4 pallets of donations, prepared 98 boxes, 416 pounds of food, and donated $300 in Gift cards.

"When we arrived, the Director of the Food Pantry was very frustrated as her old printer was again not working and they have been having issues for a while. Upon hearing that, I went to my car and took out a printer that I had just gotten back from a former employee. We cleaned it up and presented it to her. She was THRILLED! See the image attached! Thanks...we had a great time!"
-Matt Cox, DSM

Participants: Matt Cox, Gerald Tungol, Jessica Bates, Jessica Curtis, Mike Aitchison, Tracy Watson, Jennifer Smith, Bryan Vanhooydonk, and Crystal Smith