Mary Hall Freedom House

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30 Volunteers participated in an event at Mary Hall Freedom House, helping to build benches and chairs as well as landscaping to beautify the outdoor space. They assisted in the placement and design of a new onsite mini-clinic and they even had time to provide lunch service and bake cookies for the families.

This was my first off-site event and it was such a good time. Despite the heat, we all worked together to beautify the outdoor space at the newest location for The Mary Hall Freedom House. It feels really good to be part of something to help others in need. We are all so blessed with what we have and helping others is a great way to spread that blessing to those who are down on their luck. I can't wait to participate in the next one!

Steven Butler | Manager, Creative Services & Design

As usual, this RPGB event was rewarding for me and made a difference to our partner. I'm proud to work for a company that cares about ending homelessness.

Many thanks,

Michelle Stewart - Chief Information Security Officer

I absolutely loved volunteering for The Mary Hall Freedom House. The onsite staff was friendly and helpful. They were willing to answer any questions involved with the process and even allowed us to tour the site. I am planning on taking some friends up there to volunteer for a weekend project.

Sheila Murphy | Customer Satisfaction Team

The experience at the Mary Hall Freedom House was awesome! You can tell they really put the time and effort into making it a very welcoming place to those who need to utilize it. This is great because it helped paint a picture of just how much the people there want to help those that are less fortunate. It was amazing to hear about how the Freedom House helps people transition from being homeless to finding their way. Hopefully the work our team did can be impactful to helping further their cause.

Doug Lerch | Product Manager