Housing Hackathon -Solution Day

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Over the past three weeks, four teams--focused on solving a specific challenge for four Atlanta-based nonprofits who work to prevent and/or end homelessness--conducted research, consulted with the nonprofit’s representatives, brainstormed ideas, chose their top solution(s) and developed a presentation.

The RPGB Housing Hackathon was an excellent, thought-provoking event. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with RentPath colleagues as well as the Veterans Empowerment Organization ambassador, Tyler Bowser. Together, we were able to develop and present a viable solution for Tyler and the rest of the VEO. It was a pleasure being a part of the first-ever RPGB Housing Hackathon and I look forward to the next hackathon opportunity!

John Glenn | Sales Strategy & Analytics

What struck me most about the RPGB Housing Hackathon Event was how much RentPath Gave Back to me as a participant. By affording me the opportunity help the United Way Homeless team, I was able to meet and collaborate with amazing RentPath innovators that I might not have ever had the chance to work with outside of RPGB. Over the course of four weeks, our Hackathon team formed a unique bond as we learned about each other and drew inspiration from RentPath’s ongoing mission to help people who are struggling to put roofs over their heads. Can you imagine how scary it would be to not have something as fundamentally essential as shelter? The RPGB Hackathon experience brought this reality into sharp focus for my team and helping the United Way come up with new ways to tackle the issue was a truly rewarding experience. It was this reward that RentPath Gave Back to us and I will be forever grateful for it!

Devin Lenz | RentPath Level I Concierge

I really enjoyed working with peers from different parts of the business. Everyone had a different set of skills and expertise they brought to the table. Overall, 10/10 would hackathon again.

Jamry Jones | Customer Satisfaction Team

This experience was wonderful and I had a great time. It was a joy working with the group to come up with an idea to help the homeless. Thank you!

Lisa Camp | Sales Support