HAW Field Events 2018

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Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Client Retention/Save Desk Team Event: A Day well Spent with Our friends at Kashi Atlanta

The Client Retention team helped to prepare and serve a vegetarian meal for 100+ homeless individuals. This was an opportunity to interact with positive people, intent on making a difference. Kashi Atlanta practices the yogic principles of nurturing, healing, compassion, inner growth, and community service so volunteering with them was a true experience of kindness.

Participants: Sheila Murphy, Ian Pemberton, Kasandra Baker, Riley Ciak, Jamie Mcgregor, Aaron Noah, Saradawn Peck Stewart, Melissa Tan, Sarah Nichols, Nik Petkov, Lorena Douglas, Anton Anderson, Julius Johnson, and Jamry Jones

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Helps Feed the Homeless at Horizon House

Horizon House works to help individuals experiencing homelessness by building trusting relationships, providing life-sustaining supplies, and linking them with the resources and services they need. They offer services to help individuals and families overcome the barriers they are facing by providing a safe place and convenient access to services. Horizon House's goal is to help those experiencing homelessness to become stable and successfully housed -- the ultimate objective for every individual that walks through their door is to find them a home.

We were truly humbled when Horizon House approved us to serve lunch to all of their neighbors--we provided sandwiches, warm soups, and various other snacks to those in need. The appreciation displayed from each and every person served that day was truly remarkable. We feel very blessed to have had the chance to serve within our Indianapolis community. Moving forward we plan to continue doing this quarterly to help make a difference in not only our community but in lives of others.

Participants: Victoria Schuman, Dezerai Legg, Tiffannie Charles, Robyn Ackermann and Lara Smith

Portland OR

Easy Media Team, Portland OR
Sorting a truckload of donations with Transition Projects

Transition Projects is an organization with connections and partner shelters all over the city of Portland. By helping them sort through a massive truck delivery of donated coats and other clothes, Transition Projects was able to meet the needs of their local partners that call upon them for donated supplies, especially when the cold winter months approach. After organizing their stock room, RentPath employees helped fill the wish-lists of three partner shelters across the city, with the added opportunity to hand-deliver two overflowing carts of donations two blocks around the corner to Safety Off the Streets, a women's shelter and refuge from life on Portland's streets. An extended tour of the full-service Transition Projects facility proved eye-opening to the RentPath team, who instantly saw promise in future volunteer opportunities with them.

Picking up where our first group left off on November 12th, a large group from our Portland team converged again on Transition Projects to help sort a truckload of donated jackets and clothes. With connections and subsidiaries all across the city, there was a large amount of sorting and organizing to do to in their two stock rooms to ensure everything is in easy reach for any of its 100 in-house residents, or in the likely event, another local shelter comes calling in need of certain supplies for their residents. With help from Transition Projects, Portland's homeless population will have access not only to thousands of articles of warm winter clothing but to their impressive array of other on-site care services.

Participants: Natalie Vierra, Rae Royer, Adrianne Degn, Masami Wadama, Scott Berger, Frances Kane, Krystina Duvall, Shaw Millerman, Elizabeth Brady, Michelle Hy, Tess Barrett, John Michael Sproles, Sisank Kotwal, Haley Stupaski, Josue Morales and Aaron Schain

Portland, OR

Easy Media Team in Portland, OR preps meals for homeless youth in partnership with New Avenues for Youth and the Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC)

A few Portland-based team members spent their afternoon helping out New Avenues for Youth and SMYRC by preparing and serving hot meals for the homeless youth they work with. New Avenues for Youth and their partner groups like the Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center provide housing, food, counseling, education, job training and more on-site at their facilities. This was the first of two such lunchtime events our team participated in that week, each feeding around 40 homeless youth who use the end-to-end services New Avenues provides to educate, create, grow and live.

Returning for a second round that week, the Portland team cooked and served hot meals to around 40 homeless youth that call New Avenues for Youth and SMYRC (Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center) a refuge from Portland's streets. Here, they can grab a hot shower, a hot meal, and have access to counseling services, job services, artwork, and education that give them a vast network of support and development. A hand-prepared meal always feels like a good place to start, and our team took the raw ingredients they were given, strapped on their hairnets and aprons, and whipped up something delicious for these bright youths.

Participants: Colin Kiley, Marisa Berg, Dawn Wallace, Sam Sipes, Heather Shinsel, Callie Gil, Austin Bridges and Matt Grigsby

Dayton, OH Packing for a Good Cause

RentPath ambassador Tracy Barber teamed up with the Dayton, OH sales executives, Tammy Markman, and Torey Murphey to help build snack packs at the Foodbank (located in Dayton, OH). The snack packs help provide area children a little extra food and can easily be placed in their backpacks as they head home from school. The team helped bag more than 200 packs, each with an encouraging note!

Participants: Tracy Barber, Tammy Markman and Torey Murphey

Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati, OH Working Together to Serve the Community at Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is a non-profit in downtown Cincinnati that serves meals to those in need. RentPath employees Allison Fullenkamp and Tracy Barber helped prep items and serve more than 150 individuals.

Participants: Tracy Barber and Allison Fullenkamp

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is Doing Their Part to Fight Homelessness One Can at a Time

The Clara White Mission provides breakfast daily to those in need. More than 500 people are fed each day. We delivered and sorted more than 5,000 cans for the Mission.

Participants: Laura Hulsey, Leana Wolters and Kelly Zuccaro

Central Florida

Central Florida Team Helps Fight Hunger at Orlando Second Harvest Food Bank

We helped package meals for the homeless in Orlando Area. One out of every six people in Orlando is hungry. We helped bring them HOPE.

Participants: Leana Wolters, Calina Jung, Brian Cutting, Lindsey Savino and DeMarcus Neal

Plano, TX

Dallas RentPath Team Gave Back at Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano, TX.

We were so excited that our client partners from LumaCorp could join us. Together, we worked hard, laughed and helped the community in a pretty big way.

Together, we served 128 families, representing 349 people with 10,496 pounds of food and 8,746 meals. We also sorted 13 full pallets of donations and prepared another 73 food boxes. Lastly, we were able to donate $575 in monetary donations along with 250 more pounds of food!

Afterwards, we hosted lunch for our client partners. What a day! It was fantastic to join forces with our customers… together, we all gave back.

Participants: Matthew Cox, Jennifer Smith, Crystal Smith, Aliki Rocco, Mike Aitchison, Casie Bullock, Roxie Klatt, Shari Brown, Selina Kauzlarich and Morgan Woods

Southern California

Southern California Team Gives Back at Dress For Success- LA

Dress for Success Worldwide-West has proudly served the greater Los Angeles area since 2009, and the team supported their efforts by helping the organization set up for their big fundraiser--Shop for Success. DFS-LA has supported more than 10,000 women in their journey toward economic independence.

Participants: Laura Lemansky, Roxanne Argana, Khristina Dundon, Chrissy Watson, Kraichelle Curren and Denise Brandl

Tracy Barber

RentPath Ambassador Tracy Barber Teams up to Provide Power Packs for Schools in Need

RentPath Ambassador Tracy Barber teamed up with local kindergarteners at Woodfill Elementary School to help collect and bag "power pack" food bags for other area schools in need. There were 316 power packs bagged, with 7-8 items per bag. Bags are sent home as needed with children on weekends so they have a little extra food.

Phoenix, AZ

Blessing Bags from Arizona’s LRS Team

Led by RPGB Ambassadors Christine Misker and Alexis Levinson, the LRS agents and management team members collected socks and toiletries and packed them into blessing bags to deliver to folks in need to support Phoenix’s Second Chance Saturday.

South Florida Team

working to help Feeding South Florida

Participants: Vanessa De Los Santos, Rhonda Jenkins, Alana Lalji, Dave Dexter and Juliet Johansson