GWCC youth job readiness

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Interviewing is one of the most stressful parts of applying for a job. I was able to sit down with recent high school graduates where we conducted a mock interview. It was challenging and rewarding as I was able to provide them with feedback from my past experiences. Throughout the interview, I could sense that they were more comfortable because they could see that I genuinely cared and wanted them to succeed. Some of the kids had never had an interview for a job, so to know that I was one of the first people to even have that opportunity to give them a mock interview gave me that much more focus because I wanted to show them how much importance is placed in the interview process. So like one does in an interview as far as making impressions go, I truly hope that I was able to encourage and make an impression on them.

Adam Greene
RentPath Concierge

I found the event very rewarding! I was a resume coach, and was able to provide assistance and feedback on many different levels.

Some participants were engaged and motivated to improve upon existing resumes, and there were those who needed one for the first time.

It's nice to be able to feel like I've made a positive impact on someone's life. Thanks,

Michelle Stewart - Chief Information Security Officer

I had an amazing time at the event, to say the least! It was so nice to see our local youth come together for something positive--looking for gainful employment. It truly was inspirational! I had a blast with you, Rabia and the RentPath volunteers as well as the hundreds of additional volunteers who attended. The event was well organized--the setup, the staff, even the food--you name it. Overall, was such an enjoyable experience and I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience.

Yudelka Salcedo | Billing & Collections II

I really enjoyed my experience at the GWCC Event. I was so inspired to do more for youth because of the smiling faces that I saw there. There is nothing like seeing the young benefit by being able to find jobs to make their lives easier. This, in turn, gives them constructive things to do so that their time is used more wisely during the summer. I was also excited to see parents there to support their children as they filled out applications for jobs. This event definitely poured back into the community, and I was proud to be a part of it.

Timmekko Davis | RentPath Concierge Level I

It was quite rewarding being apart of the entire experience because I was once in the same position-- looking for a job and going to a job fairs to start my search for my next position. It was very chaotic and slightly disorganized when I went. There were not as many smiling and friendly faces nor were there numerous opportunities as advertised.

Being apart of this job fair, I was able to see and be a part of giving the youth the exact opposite experience as I had. There were more than enough personnel available to help guide people throughout and a structured flow to the entire process. Plenty of employers that are sought after for employment .

Being at the station of helping applicants with applying online or even getting familiar with how to conduct and complete an online job search was rewarding to me. I felt as if I was making a difference in someone's day with my friendliness and smile. I made it a point to tell everyone I came in contact with, "best of luck to you today." I tried to make them smile in some way or show them that it IS possible to obtain employment by starting right where they stood.

I'm glad that I was able to help and be involved with the event. My goal was that someone, somewhere be positively impacted by my encounter with them that day.

Corey Willis | RentPath Concierge