RentPath Gives Back response to COVID-19:

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As many companies across the United States have continued supporting their local food banks/pantries and homeless shelters before the pandemic, companies have recognized the urgency of the crisis and have redoubled their efforts to fight hunger and homelessness in their local communities. Alongside serving our mission to help alleviate homelessness, RentPath Gives Back foundation has provided financial support to homeless shelters, community food banks, and organizations supporting the elderly across the United States. For an ongoing list of organizations we’ve contributed to, click here.

As seen on social media and news broadcasts there are images of cars lined up for miles at food banks nationwide. The unemployment rate skyrocketed to 14.7 percent in April 2020, the highest in history throwing millions out of work and has made it more challenging for people experiencing homelessness to access beds, food or other necessary resources. The National Council of Aging reports that the COVID-19 pandemic for the elderly population has never been more critical, disproportionately affecting the chronically ill and those aged 60+. This vulnerable population faces a double risk, first from the virus and second from the effects of isolation on their physical, mental health resulting in the need for closer monitoring and assistance.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, 575,000 people of every region of the country, family status, gender category, and racial/ethnic group experience homelessness on any given night in the United States. Though too soon to determine its ultimate impacts, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating a severe and emergent health crisis for the homeless population across the United States. There are projections of an infection rate in homelessness by 40-45% this year over January 2019, an addition of nearly 250,000 people, if homelessness follows unemployment the way that it has done so in the earlier part of this century. Under this scenario, over 800,000 total Americans would be experiencing homelessness by Summer 2020. With shelters and health systems simply not adequately prepared to meet the demand, it's likely to wreak havoc on this already highly vulnerable group. A March report found people experiencing homelessness are twice as likely to be hospitalized during the pandemic and that it would take $11.5 billion in funding to properly care for the national homeless community amid the outbreak.

About 40 million of Americans were food insecure before the pandemic, and Feeding America estimates that an additional 17 million people may not have enough to eat as a result of the crisis. According to the Hamilton Project, household food insecurity has doubled and childhood food insecurity is 4x higher than it was before the coronavirus devastated the economy. Millions of Americans are visiting food banks and homeless shelters for the first time.

To help fight homelessness and hunger, one step at a time, RentPath Gives Back is actively taking suggestions to financial support organizations across the country. Our primary focus is the homeless population as well as organizations that are scaled so our dollars have the biggest impact. We are also focused on working directly with organizations on the ground rather than fundraisers by other companies. While we can’t fulfill every request, we promise to review and evaluate all of them.

Thank you for your involvement and ongoing contributions with RentPath Gives Back in the past. We are facing, potentially, the greatest homelessness and hunger crisis of our lifetime, and we hope to count on your continued support. Internally, RentPathGivesBack is accepting monetary donations

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Stay safe, healthy and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon.