Concierge and Open Doors Atlanta

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Last month, Marc and Senior leaders from the engineering department met with our RentPath Concierge team to encourage them as they put their skills to work in the next step of the Open Doors Collaboration. 27 dedicated individuals joined the effort to end homelessness by calling and vetting nearly 100 local Atlanta rental properties in order to build up the listings for the Open Doors portal.

I enjoy volunteering and being involved in programs geared to help end homelessness. It's nice to be a part of Open Doors' mission to help underprivileged families find housing, and I'm happy that RentPath has been able to facilitate and give employees the opportunity to participate.

Latoya Hudson | RentPath National Concierge Level II

Working with Open Doors has truly been an eye opening experience. It feels great to know that I/we play a role in helping properties increase their exposure to help people find a place to live.

Marvin Byrd | RentPath Concierge

I'm glad that I had the opportunity to work with Open Doors. It really feels great to know that the work we have done is going to such a great cause. Working at RentPath has truly given me an opportunity to give back in so many ways to end homelessness. Its pretty cool to know the work I do on a daily basis and the skills I use can make it easier for someone to end their homelessness. It has truly been a pleasure. Thank You.

Johnathon Benford | RentPath Level II Concierge