Care Packages

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It was a great experience for me, because that was my first time building Bird Houses I have volunteered before but I think this one ranks pretty high on the stick, also the interaction with my co-workers that I knew and didn't know was cool. I had a Blast.

Thanks for heading this up and asking me to participate.

Danny Shuford

The building of a birdhouse experience was amazing. It put my none building skills to the test but I was so determined to get this done for the joy that it would bring the kids at the Nicholas House. Seeing everyone's passion for making each one great showed how much they truly cared and making this event a great one!

Courtney Brown

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with RentPath gives back this year! I was able to tap into my inner creative skills for an awesome cause! Each event that I attended whether it was a lunch and learn, snack pack assembly, or creating literacy kits each had a positive impact on me! It feels great to give back and especially around the holidays makes it more special!

Jennifer Riley | Key Accounts Concierge