Arizona’s LRS team with Furnishing Dignity provides beds and essentials to folks in need in the Phoenix area

Members of our Very Own Easy Media Team in Portland, OR volunteer at HomePlate Youth Services
December 19, 2018
More than 25 Dedicated RentPath Gives Back volunteers used Art to make a Fresh Start for Veterans
December 19, 2018

Participants: Chris Misker, Mary Yazzie, Rosalind Barnes and Christina Torrez

"We moved beds and apartment essentials into new apartment homes for those who were recently homeless or had nothing. We helped five adults and three children. The first apartment home we went to was a 18 year old girl who had grown up in the foster system. She turned 18 and the system basically sends them out into the world. She had no family and no support. She has a job and with assistance was able to get an apartment. She was so dedicated to her job she did not take the time off to meet us on move-in day...she wanted to keep working as she really needs the money. When we went into the apartment there was a comforter she had been using as her bed, a pot on the stove and a chair in the kitchen. She had been using paper plates and plastic utensils for her meals. Her wall was decorated with her own drawings she had done on notebook paper. When we left she had a new bed with bedding, sofa, coffee table, small kitchen table with chairs, a desk, and some lamps. We also stocked her kitchen with plates, silverware, cups and some additional cookware. We put up a shower curtain added towels and some floor rugs to make it feel more like a home. I speak for my whole team when I say we feel very blessed to have been able to make a difference in giving her some basic things we all take for granted. She now truly has a home."

Chris Misker, Director Operations, LRS Arizona and RPGB Ambassador