2018 Atlanta Mission 5K

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Over 40 RentPath employees laced up their running shoes and participated in the Atlanta Mission 5K. RentPath Gives Back ran amongst over 3800 volunteers which helped the Atlanta Mission raise over $337,000. These funds will put to use to help end homelessness around the metro Atlanta area.

Doug Lerch
Product Manager, Marketing Product and RPGB Ambassador

Henry Schonschack, Associate Development Officer
Atlanta Mission wrote:

Thank you RentPath!!

Your support is so valuable and the following will give you an idea of what type of an impact you are making to give people hope for ending their homelessness. May I explain how?

Because homelessness is a symptom of relational poverty, its vital that such individuals have relationships and are Rooted in Community - accountable and developing healthy relationships. It's also important that these individuals Choose Help - where they meet with an Ambassador who befriends them. This means they're taking an intentional step towards ending their homelessness - moving towards the Make Progress phase.

And, it's so important that the homeless Retain Employment and are approved for permanent housing. As you can see from our first two Quarter Stats below - the Transformation Model is having an impact and we are so thankful that you are a partner. Your support is helping to transforms lives.Here's a brief summary of our 1st. and 2nd. Quarter Results:

  • 88 clients in Make Progress become Rooted in Community.
  • Almost 200 men and women in emergency services have Chosen Help.
  • 43 clients obtained permanent housing
  • There was an increase in requests to see an Ambassador

Again, thank you so much for giving homeless men, women and children hope to live a whole new and different life.

God Bless You,


PS. Let's explore opportunities looking forward - tours of My Sister's House and volunteer events.

Henry Schonschack, Associate Development Officer

Atlanta Mission, 2353 Bolton Road, Atlanta GA 30318
Office: 404.588.4020, Cell: 404.502.0923
Email: henry.schonschack@atlantamission.org