100 Street Packs to Benefit Lost n Found Youth 11/15/16

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The event was a success due to the collaboration and support of the volunteers. They did an amazing job writing inspirational messages to influence and motivate the person who will receive the Street Packs, and to let them know that they are not alone. A kind act and simple gesture will go a long way and do wonders for the recipient as well as the sender.

JoAnna Hoyos, Fulfillment Support Specialist
Event Team Captain
From Kimberly Peterson:

"The part in RentPath's Give Back Street Packs that touched me the most was actually writing the little notes of hope, love, inspiration and motivation to these youths. Just knowing that my words could possibly be what one of them needed at that precise moment and time in their life, simply brings my heart JOY. Letting these young adults know that they are Loved and just sharing some Positive Words with them can go a long way. It could possibly save a life.
Thank you RentPath for allowing me to share in this act of Love, Kindness, and Selflessness!"

From Nikki Bales:

"I really enjoyed being able to help out with Lost-N-Found Youth. Being able to do something with my hands and knowing it will directly affect someone's situation in a positive way, is what giving back is all about. I'm so proud to work for RentPath, a company that sees this and really strives to truly give back. Writing notes of encouragement and packing hygiene bags for LGBT youth in need really made me feel like we were making a difference. I wish we had had more bags to fill!"

From Rick DeLoach:

"I really enjoyed working to assemble the packs and writing notes of encouragement to those we were helping. Writing the notes made it a personal experience and allowed me a connection to those we helped."

From Patricia Stewart:

"Thank you for bringing awareness to this cause. The event was really fun."